Le Gun Workshop 16/03/18

Neil Fox and Robert Rubbish, 2 members of the renowned Le Gun collective were invited in to speak as part of the Unit X Inspirer series at Manchester school of Art.

The lecture was followed up by a 1-day workshop for IWA based around a collaborative drawing exercise designed to demonstrate how time constraints and limitations are enabling not restrictive.

Starting at 11.00am and to be completed by 3.30pm, the workshop used b/w drawing to generate a spontaneous narrative using characters derived via an opening exquisite corpse exercise. The scale of the work was over 20m x 2m using pencil/ brush and ink.

The session was led by Neil and Robert – with GTA Rachel McMahon keeping everyone on track and recording the day as it unfolded. Additional photos via 3rd year Ella Bean.

Further final panoramic pictures to follow.

Le Gun website link


Alumni Profile: two years on Daisy Strang

Daisy graduated in 2014 and was awarded the Manchester Academy of Fine Art Award for Printmaking.

  • In 2016 Daisy began the University of Manchester’s MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies after 2 years of volunteering at the Manchester Art Gallery in the family and adult learning team. This included running holiday family workshops, “Open Doors” sessions for children with Autism and facilitating a range of adult workshops.
  • Since beginning the MA, Daisy has continued to volunteer and expanded her experience into the development of exhibitions at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. In addition she is also a lead artist educator for families at the Manchester Art Gallery on a freelance basis.


  • Daisy maintains a practice as a freelance illustrator with a variety of commissions through print fairs, websites and retail outlets.
  • The artist workshops she creates are always based on her own drawing practice and related to the thematic content of the current exhibition . Through all of the workshops Daisy places the emphasis on the encouragement of experimentation through mark making and play as a function of learning how to explore ideas through manipulation of and engagement with materials.
  • For the future Daisy plans to extend her experience of arts engagement in the Gallery/Museum sector and to develop a mixed portfolio career in education and engagement activities, alongside developing an expanded range of illustrative outcomes for practice. The ambition is to explore the crossovers between a range of creative practices and learning in the the gallery setting.
  • website link: Daisy Strang