Alumni Profile: two years on Daisy Strang

Daisy graduated in 2014 and was awarded the Manchester Academy of Fine Art Award for Printmaking.

  • In 2016 Daisy began the University of Manchester’s MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies after 2 years of volunteering at the Manchester Art Gallery in the family and adult learning team. This included running holiday family workshops, “Open Doors” sessions for children with Autism and facilitating a range of adult workshops.
  • Since beginning the MA, Daisy has continued to volunteer and expanded her experience into the development of exhibitions at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. In addition she is also a lead artist educator for families at the Manchester Art Gallery on a freelance basis.


  • Daisy maintains a practice as a freelance illustrator with a variety of commissions through print fairs, websites and retail outlets.
  • The artist workshops she creates are always based on her own drawing practice and related to the thematic content of the current exhibition . Through all of the workshops Daisy places the emphasis on the encouragement of experimentation through mark making and play as a function of learning how to explore ideas through manipulation of and engagement with materials.
  • For the future Daisy plans to extend her experience of arts engagement in the Gallery/Museum sector and to develop a mixed portfolio career in education and engagement activities, alongside developing an expanded range of illustrative outcomes for practice. The ambition is to explore the crossovers between a range of creative practices and learning in the the gallery setting.
  • website link: Daisy Strang

Author: Ian Whadcock

Senior Lecturer Manchester School of Art, BA(Hons) Illustration with Animation course.

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