App Hack 04/16

APPHACK event The Shed space Digital Innovation Labs MMU. A cross disciplinary collaborative project running from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon 15/16/17th April.

Skill sets: Illustration/animation/graphic design/UI/UX/web design/html5.0/coding/computer science/marketing/project management.

Starting with team and mentor introductions on Friday evening the teams were formed and introduced to new software platforms for collaborative working, including Trello, GitHub and animation via Tumult Hype. The task: to develop a mature storyboard and app proposal based on a defined lateral thinking problem. Below some pictures from Saturday afternoon. Taking part from IwA: Rosie Burke, Dominika Wröblewska, Laura McAlea and Danielle Addae-Boetang. Support from James Condon as part of his MA professional platforms project.

Project profiled on Digital Innovation Article

Project profiled on Man Met Magazine

Reflective comments from Danielle Addae-Boetang 

‘At the weekend I have taken part in the OH-SO-INTENSE App hack. Walking into The Shed I wasn’t sure of what to expect but was very excited for the three days to come anyway. It was definitely one of the most productive weekends of my life. Collaborating with people across many different disciplines I was surrounded by amazing skill sets including: Illustration/animation/graphic design/UI/UX/web design/html5.0/coding/computer science/marketing/project management. 

The point of the workshop was to come up with an initial outline for an app that would visualise a lateral thinking puzzle. “The aim of visualising a range of lateral thinking puzzles created by Strickland”

Divided into three groups we dived into the project with a 36 hour deadline looming over us but also cheering us on. It was amazing to see how much we could create and achieve, in this short amount of time, completely from scratch. 

In the end each group has created almost an interactive game, each presenting a different puzzle in a completely new and exciting way. 

In terms of collaboration it was a very inspiring time, with all the participants totally immersed in the productive atmosphere and buzzing with excitement and ideas 24/7. 

Just goes to prove what many already knew – creative minds love, LOVE, L O V E short deadlines and being locked away from the outside world surrounded by other creative souls for three days 😉 

We emerged different people, awaiting the next app hack.’

Source: Danielle Addae-Boetang via Unit X Blog

Reflective comments from L6 student Dominika Wroblewska: 

‘I did even more collaborative work when I took part in the AppHack event organised by the MMU. There, we were divided into groups in which we had to work together on developing an app based on a lateral thinking puzzle. Every person in a group had a specific role in which they specialised. This sort of work was a good example to see how different disciplines complete one another – collaboration between a designer, illustrator and a coder can be very productive. By brainstorming, discussing, drawing, mapping and mutual help and commitment, we’ve managed to create something functioning and in the end win the whole event. I was hugely pleased with what we’ve created and in fact, we got along so well, we decided to work on another project together. This time the brief was to come up with an interactive event/game for people to take part in (in different venues across Manchester) to celebrate the Olympics in Rio.

Source: Dominika Wroblewska Artists reflective statement -Unit X May 2016



Author: Ian Whadcock

Senior Lecturer Manchester School of Art, BA(Hons) Illustration with Animation course.